Christian dating advice attraction chen kun and zhao wei dating

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Christian dating advice attraction

Every day, fully immerse yourself in a vivid mental image of what it will be like to have your soul mate in your life.

Let yourself feel loved, excited and happy, and know that this is possible for you.

In any case, ageing, illness, stress and good old familiarity will cause that wild attraction to fade, and it’s friendship and character that will keep the love alive. Attraction can develop over time, so it’s wise to get to know a good man or woman before making any rash decisions – they might just surprise you.

But if you’re sure there’s no spark there, it may be time to do the kindest thing for both of you, and agree to be ‘just good friends’.

Cultivating this kind of gratitude not only makes every day nicer, but it also makes you vibrate on a higher frequency; a frequency that attracts more positive experiences.

Hopefully, this dating advice has helped you grow confidence!

I recently heard a man admit he’d married a beautiful ‘trophy wife’ and, years later, is being driven mad by her lack of intelligence and conversation (and that’s not her fault – the poor woman is who she is; he created his own misery – and hers – by marrying someone incompatible just because she was a stunner).

We all need to be mindful of our tendency to respond to people based on looks, and to strive to value everyone equally, whether they’re sparkling and beautiful, or unlovely and odd.

But when it comes to picking a husband or wife, I don’t believe we should feel guilty for wanting to be attracted to them. Of course, sexual attraction (which isn’t the same as good looks – I’ve been wildly attracted to some positively plain men in my time) isn’t everything.

‘He deserves a woman who finds him desirable,’ my brother insisted.

‘You wouldn’t just be cheating yourself, Hopeful Girl – you’d be cheating him, too.’ Of course, we must be realistic.

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When it comes to love, this means creating space in your home for your partner and maybe even booking two tickets for a show six months away.

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