Ciara and ludacris dating 2016

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Ciara and ludacris dating 2016

Also announced, were the Billboard Music Award nominees for Best New Artist, Top Female Artists, Top Male Artist, Top 100 Song and Top Artist.Ludacris and Ciara are billed as hosts for the Billboard Music Awards on May 22 which is set to take place in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena.She sings write songs, acts, model, and most remarkably dances in such a manner that brings undiluted passion to her moves.She is best known for her debut album Goodies, which features four commercial singles including the famous hit , etc.The song mostly dealt with her personal life especially the drama from her relationship with rapper Future.

She has also done a lot of film acting and TV appearances.She has slight Irish ancestry from her maternal lineage although she is black American.The stunning artist’s name Ciara was inspired by Revlon fragrance which was launched in 1973 and is still in the market to date.At age 14, Ciara’s family after living in different states in America finally settled in Atlanta, Georgia.Around this time, she and her friends formed an-all girl musical group named Hearsay which was dissolved after existing for a while.

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It appears she is the kind of girl that doesn’t tolerate men who don’t treat her right judging by the graceful way she moves on to the next relationship without uttering a hoot about her past even when those involved try to drag her on social media.