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Combined tala updating with imsi attach

If that MME is not associated with that e Node B or the GUMMEI is not available or the UE indicates that the TAU procedure was triggered by load re-balancing, the e Node B selects an MME. The new MME uses the GUTI received from the UE to derive the old MME/S4 SGSN address, and sends a Context Request message to the old MME/old S4 SGSN to retrieve user information.

UE Validated indicates that the new MME has validated the integrity protection of the TAU message, e.g. To validate the Context Request the old MME uses the complete TAU Request message and the old S4 SGSN uses the P-TMSI Signature and responds with an appropriate error if integrity check fails in old MME/S4 SGSN.

A UE starts the Tracking Area Update procedure in following events: The following example shows Tracking Area Update procedure when UE changes the MME but maintains the Serving Gateway.

Also, we assume that the UE starts in RRC Idle mode.

Because there are couple of reasons why TAU can take place we won't start from picture as always.

Almost all what you will see below you can read in details in 3GPP TS 23.401.

If the UE is already in RRC Connected state when TAU procedure is triggered, the Tracing Area Update Request is sent within an Uplink Information Transfer message.

If the new MME is configured to allow emergency services for unauthenticated UE the new MME behave as follows: Step 7.

The MME (if the MME has changed then it is the new MME) determines to relocate the SGW.

The tracking area is similar to Location Area and Routing area in UMTS, which is basically a geographical combination of several base stations (e Node Bs as in LTE).

Each Tracking Area has two main identities: Also, note that the UE can trigger Tracking Area Update in RRC Idle state or RRC Connected state, but the procedure ends only when the UE is in RRC Connected State.

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The SGW is relocated when the old SGW cannot continue to serve the UE.

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