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Comics updating on thursday

This exciting new board game has you defending the SDF-1 with the entire fleet at your disposal against the Zentraedi armada.

Transform into firing mode with a cardboard constructable SDF-1 that looms over the playing board!

Robotech will be at San Diego Comic-Con on July 18th-21at!

Come visit us at our panel on Thursday at p.m., and check out products at our licensees Toynami, Titan Comics, Icon Heroes, MEPToys, Super7 and Prime 1 Studios! reported at its Anime Expo panel on Friday that it has renewed and extended its licensing agreements with Tatsunoko Production for The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada anime series “well into the future.” Introducing Meptoys, a licensee dedicated to limited runs of villains and supporting characters!

Robotech’s epic event approaches its climax, as classic characters clash and fall!

With an extra story by Brenden Fletcher (Isola, Motorcrush) and artist Sarah Stone (Netflix’s Castlevania)!

Join Harmony Gold’s Steve Yun as he presents the latest developments in the Robotech universe, from the awesome Titan comic series to the live action film in the works at Sony Pictures!

Harmony Gold and Reed Exhibitions are proud to announce that the Robotech Convention Tour will make a stop at the New York Comic-Con.

, Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Inu Yasha and A Silent Voice. Sentai Filmworks has organized a Go Fund Me to donate to Kyo Ani Join your fellow fans for a special panel outlining what future, if any, does Harmony Gold have with the Macross / Robotech franchises after 2021 UPDATE: Watch a live Q&A with Harmony Gold at 8PM Pacific after the panel!Available for the first time ever at Wonder Con 2019 BOOTH 827! Harmony Gold USA presents the latest developments in the Robotech universe, from awesome new products to the live action film in the works at Sony Pictures with the producers of 300 and the director of Stephen King’s “It” BLEEDING COOL: “I am still pretty thrilled with Titan Comics‘ re-imagining of Robotech, that stalwart nostalgic defender of early ’80s anime adaptations.The team behind Robotech has taken some daring chances in their storytelling, and so far have made a very well-traveled path seem new and unpredictable without losing track of what makes the journey worth taking in the first place.” Available today in comic shops and through Comixology!UPDATES 20: Tommy and Brendan Fletcher will be signing at the Titan Comics booth 5537 at 11AM, and although Toynami has run out of on-site “Farewell Big Brother” VF-1 diecast models, they will take orders at their booth while supplies last We have an entire galaxy of exclusives at San Diego Comic Con 2019!Calibre Wings’ Farewell Big Brother VF-1S diecast model, Toynami’s throwback Armored Valkyrie, Eeepmon’s flight jackets, Jamie Sullivan’s Robotech painting posters and postcards, Bait and Huck Gee’s Skullhead Cyclone figure, and more!

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Harmony Gold’s deal with Tatsunoko to continue making Robotech and more will continue for years to come. Their first Robotech figure features Breetai, and the first 200 preorders will come with an unpainted Zentraedi Flagship figure! The VF-1 Valkyrie is an amazing die-cast metal model based off the Macross VF-1 Valkyrie.

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