Confluence recently updated macro not updating Chatrandom sexo

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Confluence recently updated macro not updating

If you're developing for Confluence Cloud head to Collaborative editing for Confluence Cloud.We're changing the way drafts behave, and moving to a model that's more consistent with how content should be stored for collaborative editing.I am trying to use a macro in a versioned space, and it's not working properly. In versioned spaces, every edited versioned page is an actual Confluence page.This is how Scroll Versions allows multiple different versions of the same page.Collaborative editing allows multiple people to concurrently edit a single Confluence page or blog post (we'll just call them pages from here on).

Hello, I'm trying to display the latest changes which have been applied to a specific page and all his descendants, including comments and attachments (page modifications obviously).

I've tried it this way, it should work, but it does not show comments - I've no idea why?

=20 Use this page to troubleshoot any problems you may have with the Share Point Connector for Confluence.

Administrators can choose to change the editing mode (on, limited, off). Collaborative editing cannot be turned on or off for specific spaces or pages.

The Synchrony Service executable is extracted from Confluence into the home directory. Confluence passes all required parameters for Synchrony via environmental variables - these are not considered api, and may be subject to change.

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