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Roe and Leff had often joked on the air about the similarity of their voices.

On January 11, 2010, The Roe Conn Show became Roe and Cisco, as Cisco Cotto was introduced as the new cohost of the WLS afternoon show with Roe Conn.

On October 8, 2014, Roe Conn announced that the Roe & Roeper, was cancelled and he'd be leaving WLS-AM 890 after 25 years.

On January 15, 2015, WGN Radio announced that Roe would be hosting afternoon drive from 3pm - 7pm, beginning on January 26.

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Roe's first radio gig was Saturday overnights on WDUB in Granville, Ohio.

Early in his career Conn chose to use the on air pseudonym Robert Thomas, believing that his real name was not suitable for the radio business.

In 2004, amid an impasse in contract negotiations with the station, Meier did not renew his contract with WLS.

However, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed, whom Roe loves to read, declared his birthday as June 7 in her June 7, 2006, column.

When Dusty Baker was fired from the Chicago Cubs, Harry Caray's Restaurant named a hot dog kids meal after Roe.

Also, Amy Jacobson was removed from her position doing traffic and weather for the show and daily appearances by WLS-TV anchor Ron Magers ceased, although Magers returned to the 3 p.m. The following day the show became The Roe Conn Show again with the announcement that Cisco Cotto was leaving to host his own show on WLS from 9 to 11 a.m.

On April 12, 2010, Richard Roeper became Roe's new on-air partner, and the show was rebranded The Roe Conn Show with Richard Roeper.

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He often describes himself as obsessive about cleanliness, and avoiding germs and sickness.

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