Consolidating itunes libraries pc

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Consolidating itunes libraries pc

If you don't have "Copy files to i Tunes Music folder when adding to library" checked then the song files you add from folders on your computer will have their location referenced in the i Tunes Library file. Could I do the consolidation 'manually', so I have more control over what takes place? Since I have some of my music on the main drive, and now everything goes to an external which is which I changed it to awhile back.

(i.e Tracks are moved to the i Tunes folders, but I have no idea where the originals came from.)* No, i Tunes doesn't support folder watching, if you move the files manually through Finder on a Mac or Windows Explorer on a PC then i Tunes will lose the location of the songs and display an exclamation mark against them in your library. If I can do this manually, would I simply drag the existing folders in the i Tunes folder, and relaunch i Tunes? I now have an internal secondary drive (or slave drive) where I want to have it all.

I was under the impression that all of the library files in the main i Tunes folder needed to be combined as well. Now if you import the on a different device then the references could well be messed up.

They may work, or they may not, but it is easy to get messed up.

I need to free up 50 gigs on the main drive to install some software.

The libraries are completely separate: Music, movies, or apps that you add to one library won't appear in the other unless you copy the files to it (with one exception).

To do this, launch i Tunes while holding down Option or Shift to select a given i Tunes library, and then connect the i Phone or i Pod you sync with this library.

Even if it works you can also end up with duplicates.

i Tunes may think you intend to have 4 copies of a track.

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