Consolidating tracks into one album in itunes

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Consolidating tracks into one album in itunes

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Enable Home Sharing One of the features in i Tunes 9 you can use to transfer your music, videos, and more on your home network is Home Sharing.

It also makes it easy to transfer your i Tunes collection to another machine.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to transfer everything over to a new machine. Here we take a look at the first machine with its i Tunes Library.

When you add songs to i Tunes from other locations of your computer, you have the option to copy those tracks into the i Tunes Media folder.

This will simply make sure that your entire library will be moved at the same time so you will not have to add the songs manually once again.

To solve the problem check out our article on how to deauthorize computers associated with your i Tunes Account.

Since those hard drives are probably going to last you forever, it is probably a good idea to invest in one right away and also move your entire i Tunes library in it so that you can save some space in your main drive. On Windows, look for the Music folder in your Libraries (usually located in C:\Users\User Name\Music) and you should find the i Tunes folder stored within.

If you cannot find it, open the Preferences menu of i Tunes, go to the Advanced tab and you will see the Media folder’s location at the very top of the window.

After a few seconds you’ll get a message letting you know the authorization was successful and the number of computers that are authorized.

Keep in mind that i Tunes only lets you authorize up to 5 machines.

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While Home Sharing is a pretty cool feature for sharing media between machines on your network, both machines need to be on with i Tunes running.

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