Contact friends reunited dating

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Contact friends reunited dating

When you cancel the subscription and ask for your money back they say its on their payment page.

To add insult to injury their staff are rude when you speak to them refuse to assist and say you should be more careful in…

I was unfortunate enough to get into communication with two of them.

I consider myself to be highly intelligent and streetwise, however I managed to get sucked in by their smoooth talk.

Fortunately in both cases I "smelt a rat" when they asked for money.

Both of them had stolen someone elses identitiy inlcuding photographs. I reported both these to the "abuse manager" at FR - and despite…

The technical part of the site is not great either, if you conduct a search, you have to then go manually through all the profiles you have seen ten times already and didn't like; annoying…

There is an option to do 6 or 12 months etc., and if you dont watch out when you first register for full membership they will take the 6 month membership by default BE CAREFUL..

Once on there it is FULL and I mean FULL of scammers and marrieds, I would add liars but thats not their fault, and the…

Read Full Review I have been using FRD for about 4 weeks now.

I have received several hundred winks / hugs / kisses etc.

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95% of these are from scammers, nearly all of which end up telling you they are currently working for a NGO in Ghana and eventually get round to telling you they need some money.

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