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Lee's background is as a geomorphologist and glacial geologist.

She is primarily interested in how landscapes are shaped over time, although she is excited to collaborate with visitors on a wide range of projects involving cosmogenic nuclides.

Global geodynamics: mantle convection, plate tectonics and the dynamic coupling between mantle processes and continental and sea floor geology; chemical and thermal evolution of the mantle and crust; Marine geophysics; computational geophysics: frameworks, finite element analysis, and parallel processing.

(in review, 12/2017) A homogeneous liquid reference material for monitoring the quality and reproducibility of in situ cosmogenic Al analyses.

(2018) Minimal East Antarctic Ice Sheet retreat onto land during the past 8 Myr.

Active tectonics, geomorphic record of crustal deformation, measurement of crustal deformation from satellite imagery, investigation and modeling of orogenic processes and the seismic cycle, with a focus on the Himalayas.

Rare gas composition of terrestrial materials, chemical evolution of the Earth's mantle and atmosphere, petrogenesis of oceanic lavas, low temperature thermochronometry, geologic record of interplanetary dust flux.

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Lee is the Facility Manager for the NSF/UVM Community Cosmogenic Facility; she oversees the daily operations of the lab, collaborates on visitors' projects, and trains visitors one-on-one in sample preparation methods.