Craig buntin meagan duhamel dating

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Craig buntin meagan duhamel dating

The next season, Duhamel and Radford picked up more gold at Skate Canada and NHK Trophy, but grabbed a silver at the Grand Prix Final.They repeated as national champions and competed only the short program at the Four Continents Championships.

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A: First of all, you just reminded me how lucky I am to have achieved so much with my skating! Number one would be when Eric and I won our first national title in 2012.

We both took the longest route possible towards that moment and when we finished our long program in Moncton that year we were overwhelmed with emotion.

Duhamel and former partner Craig Buntin were aiming to go to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, but missed the cut and soon split as a team.

Radford was born January 27, 1985 in Balmertown, Ontario, Canada.

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Her first pairing earned her a win at the Golden Spin Of Zagreb competition with partner Ryan Arnold and a trip to the Junior World Championships.

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