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On the morning of the official ceremony, the groom and his groomsmen put the Turkish flag in front of the soon-to-be marital Turkish villa, accompanied by drumming and pipes.In the afternoon, the groom’s family pick the bride up in a convoy of cars decked out by flowers and streamers.The build up to a Turkish wedding is just as important as the ceremony, however.Three nights before the wedding, the women gather together for the henna evening.There’s no living together before marriage, and sex before marriage simply isn’t discussed.However, one aspect of modern dating has taken off in Turkey: online dating.And last but not least, expect to see the bride and groom trying to step on each other’s toes as they sign the marriage certificate - this represents the desire to have the “final word” in the marriage.If you’re a married, childless woman, you’ll constantly be asked when you’ll start a family.

If you have problems conceiving, you’ll be offered a lot of advice and wacky suggestions as how to remedy this.

Turkish traditions and culture surrounding the world of love and marriage can be strange to outsiders - and not a little old fashioned.

We explore dating, engagement, love and marriage in Turkey and all its glorious variety. But in Turkey's more rural communities the old traditions still live on: arranged marriages, strange rituals like womens’ single status being “advertised” with an empty bottle on the roof of a house (a man would knock the bottle off in order to be assessed for marriage suitability - by the woman’s father, of course).

While they wait, the women sing songs - some sad, as the bride will be leaving home, and some upbeat, celebrating the couple’s love.

Two nights before the wedding there’s often a wedding party held in the bride’s Turkish home, especially when the couple are from two different villages or regions of Turkey.

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The groom must ask for the bride’s hand in marriage, while the bride should make a perfect cup of coffee.