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Cyber chatting sex bots

To emphasize that they do not accept people they do not know or who have never physically seen in their social networks is of vital importance.

According to a study conducted by Internet Safety 101, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of children and families on the Internet, in more than 80% of sexual cybercrimes against minors, the harassers used the victims’ social networks to get information about their tastes and interests; and 65% of the stalkers used these platforms to locate the home and school of the victims.

This will be the first contact with the target group of the automated chatbot functionality.

If results show that the intended audience accepts the chatbot as a real human chat partner the infrastructure will be expanded to monitor hundreds or thousands of chat rooms.

Using results from the past the conversation model will simulate as realistically as possible a fictitious 10/11-year-old girl.

The visual imagery has been further refined, and at a later stage new characters will be constructed (gender / race / …).

One of the most innovative functions is the automation of responsive communications with online chat partners through a personified chat robot in various communication channels.

This is a virtualized minor child (aka Sweetie) who will engage in a dialogue using a chatbot facility and 3D imagery, in which all the chats are analyzed by the underlying frame work and that recognizes ‘online predators’ by the way of rapprochement.

This hybrid solution will enable ‘human operators’ to manually reply to questions that could not be answered by the chatbot.

The underlying technology will be available as a new Cyber Agent Technology platform that can potentially be integrated in custom projects for other customers.

The Sweetie 2.0 software will be used for mapping, measuring and combating online child abuse.

From that figure, and thanks to the information they provided while chatting with Sweetie, the Dutch organization located and identified about 1,000 pedophiles from 71 countries, and then provided all the data collected to Interpol.

Thanks to this virtual girl, with advanced animation techniques able to capture the movements and voice of a person of flesh and blood, the Australian Scott Robert Hansen was sentenced to one year in prison for sending obscene photographs and possession of child pornography.

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This may not be necessary if an acceptable level is achieved by carefully designing and implementing the various fictional characters and the associated question / answer database.