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I'm a very verbal person, so talking about doing something in bed can be even more fun for me than actually doing it. My standard "I want you" and "I've been thinking about..." are great conversation-starters, but, you need to learn more conversation-starters if you want a greater variety of conversations.

It's the same AI that powers the famous Harmony sex robot – but you don't need to fork out thousands of pounds to chat to her.While this conversation was amusing, the whole point was to use it as inspiration to sext with my partner. so maybe sexting with a human was harder than sexting with a bot. I tried again another day, taking a line from Slutbot and telling him what I wanted to do next time I saw him. He asked for some photos then told me what he wanted to do to me.So, after sending me a "sexy pic" (which was really just a cartoon of a robot), Slutbot sent me on my way. The conversation led us to reminisce about a sexy day we had together a long time ago and talk about what we'd need for that to happen again — and it ended with us having cyber sex, something we rarely do!It's good not to conflate gender and genitals regardless of the gender of the person you're talking to! It was pretty easy from there — I just let them describe what we supposedly did the previous night.If Slutbot needs to know what body parts someone has, it should just ask that. Next, the bot gave me some sexting suggestions, including "Explain what you’re about to do: 'I can't wait to...'," "Describe what you are doing/what it feels like: 'It feels so good...'," and "Describe what you just did: 'Did you like the way I...'" But I didn't have to use them yet, because Slutbot then asked me if I'd like to sext and started it off themselves. Some of it turned me on, and honestly, some of it turned me off.

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Facebook is working to satisfy technolust with a “full sensory and emotional experience”, according to Mark Zuckerberg, who says he wants technology developed so “anyone can experience anything,” including virtual reality hook-ups with steamy sigh-ber “lovers” programmed to give continuous sexual pleasure.

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