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In my head, the night before the finale, I decided that if I had convinced the jury to vote on game play I had a shot. Jersey721: How surprised were you that you survived the "Brian Cooties" unlike Steven and Angie? Dan: I knew I had a chance to survive longer then Stephen because he was a physical presence who would compete hard.

If I did not get that done in my jury speech, I had no shot to win. At this point in the game I had a lot stacked against me, so I had to gamble.

I did not spend a lot of time thinking about how to use old information to my advantage because no one cares about what you DID for them in the game, they only care what you can DO for them in the future. Laladoopiedu: Did you think you were going to win (let alone winning 7-0) against Memphis? Dan: I thought it was going to be a close vote 4-3 either way.

DURING THE SHOW Laladoopiedu: For all the times that Jerry and Ollie accused you of betrayal, why didn't you remind them that they betrayed him and Brian back in week one?

Also, I was trying to work them back over for the end vote, revenge does not bode well for anyone who is going to have to award you 0,000.

I found it funny and ironic how April promised Michelle during the first endurance competition that her and Jessie would be safe, and Jessie ended up leaving.

I really enjoyed every minute I was in the house, and it kind of grows on you.

It is a really unique thing in the fact that no matter what happens, you can never go back to that place.

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  1. It has, honestly, been the best thing to happen in my life. But, I've found it's mostly not malicious (friends usually tease about their friends' choice of partners-- heck I teased a mate for seeing a guy called Randalf.). You are both adults and can do whatever and whomever you like.