Danay garcia dating

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Danay garcia dating

In fact, after divorce, they claim to have become more compatible in working together and raising their daughter.Their daughter is free to call up either of the parents anytime and can speak for as long as she wants.Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock as far as the the public knows has one child with ex-wife Dany Garcia.She can be seen by typing in "The Rock's child" on google's search engine or by watching "Rock vs Austin: One last time" at Wrestle Mania XIX. Their attorney, David Milian, said he couldn’t comment on the settlement.

The ex-couple have also set up an education account for their daughter and each of them has agreed to deposit five thousand dollars a month, into the same.

Simone is one of the luckiest children of our generation whose parents despite having split have made all efforts to raise their child in the best possible manner.

Agurcia entrusted Garcia with 0,000 from the estate of her mother in 2006.

And, according to court documents, Agurcia watched Garcia put 0,000 in a condo reconversion project downtown Miami, 0,000 into White Buffalo and another 0,000 in a Miami doll company, Baby Abuelita.

Agurcia’s now suing to get her money back, alleging fraud.

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Their marriage did not end in a bitter feud; instead they amicably revealed their desire to separate.