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* Change Log 1.17: * ccextras/1.2: * cclib/1.20: * cctemplates/1.1: * 1.11: Turned on caching of feeds and also updated new music search feed. TXT 1.3: added copy of COPYING because it is listed everywhere in the documentation * Change Log 1.20: * ccextras/1.5: * cctemplates/1.4: Updated Change Log for the big merge.

* Change Log 1.19: * ccextras/1.2: * cclib/1.21: * cctemplates/1.2: Hopefully last round of fixes for dumper.

(This is how I updated cc Mixter tonight.) The translation language support did go in 100%, if that's blocking someone let me know immediately because this week is going to be somewhat crazy with cc Mixter specific stuff.

Peace, VS Change Log going back to 11/19 (v.1.0.3) Cool, I committed your changelog commits...

I updated cc Mixter a few hours ago and things seem to be running smooth.

This checkin has all the performance tuning I mentioned (although they are not all turned on at cc Mixter).

Besides performance there are a couple of new features: On the profile page you now see remix tracking: so_and_so has X remixes and has been remixed Q times as well as an aggregate rating for the artist.

- shortly after that I'll finish coding the charts module, now made possible by all the cached stats we'll have floating around.

******** WARNING to cc Host users: The structure of the XML templates has changed.

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I still wish you would update the Change Log per day or commit, just to keep things in sync for other developers. :) It doesn't take long to merge, just more of a matter of practice.