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For your reference, here is an unmodified Metal File Chooser UI: Now, I mention all this because it sounds like you modified how the JFile Chooser looks by dragging and dropping things around.

Since all the JComponents are actually housed in the File Chooser UI and not in the JFile Chooser itself, what you actually did was modify the File Chooser UI.

Instead, the Name of the user that created ( or otherwise the first user that modified the document ) is displayed. The Explanation resides in the Modified by Field Definition as it is defined at the list Level.

An out of the box Editor field has the following Schema XML (as , for example in If you do not have this differences STOP here and look for other potential reasons. You may ask : "yes, but I created a brand NEW document library and I have not customized anything, how come it is customized?

Essentially, you can look at a Swing GUI builder as a terrible entry-level developer, who will do whatever he can just to get it to work - no matter how unmaintainable or terrible the code is. It may seem obvious to you that the JFile Chooser you are looking at in your UI is the JFile Chooser that contains all the JComponents and Objects in the code.

How to solve this (do not ask how repair the actual value of the field so that it reflects the last modified user, that would be a scripting exercise to retrieve the Name of the user from the actual document properties, then set the value of the Editor Field at the SPList Item Level to that value) To revert the functionality and make the field "behave" 🙂 you need to : } The Field Version will increase but this should not bring any problems.

You create a new document library and start uploading content.

Then the users start modifying the documents, however, the Modified by field does not update to reflect the Name of the user that modified the document.

If I'm not mistaken, the default File Chooser UI for any OS is javax.metal.

Metal File Chooser UI (it's at least the default for my local testing, and I don't think I've ever seen different for any other time I've used a JFile Chooser).

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