Date time not updating computer sex and the city dating rules

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Date time not updating computer

The protocols used to contact domain controllers (specifically Kerberos) are based on the computer's time.

All sorts of authentication errors can result from messing with the time.

Today, I tried to power-on my laptop and it booted up normal, except for the fact that Windows Time wasn't showing the current time, it was still showing the last boot-time (Yesterday's).

Regardless of the reason, it is important for the proper operation of Windows that it is set to the correct time.

This tutorial will walk you through changing the date and time in Windows.

There are typically two reasons for Windows showing the wrong time and date.

The first is because you have the time zone set incorrectly and the second reason is because your BIOS battery in your computer has failed and the current time is not being saved when you shut off the computer.

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