Dating a blind woman

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Dating a blind woman

Your perspective that you can't even imagine what possibly could be different is a false sense of being open minded.

Open minded doesn't mean you ignore differences or pretend they don't exist.

You can't conceptualize how being with someone who as blind might mean things had to be done differently?

Many people who are blind have all kinds of accommodations to help them manage in daily life..same would be true in a relationship and in their roles as a spouse and a parent - some things will have to be different.

I mean, asking if someone wants kids or not is pretty standard for most relationships.

Rather than play it as a question about how something might work because of her impairment, re-frame it as compatibility questions.

My intentions were to do a review of online dating websites for blind and visually impaired persons, however a search for such sites revealed there are none, or none that I could find...

Being in a relationship with someone with a disability can create limitations and additional responsibilites that both people need to be open about and consider.Don't run away because you are too afraid to have a discussion with her. There are things that are very different than what I'm accustomed to in relationships. I think she's really conscious of her disability.Which makes it difficult to address certain issues.You can add to this list by contacting us, and if your idea(s) is good, we'll post it to this page in order to create a list of criterias a dating website for the blind wouldneed to be fully accessible.The site would need to be mainly text only - with pictures kept to a minimum.

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She suffered from a degenerative condition discovered at an early age, and through surgeries, was able to retain some vision until 26, a fact she laments, having preferred not to rely on her sight for so long. With someone else, I'd most likely just continue to let things progress and enjoy myself until we feel into your typical relationship trappings. I wouldn't even begin to know how to approach certain challenges with a visually impaired person. Would I even be willing to face what's coming? I would rather know now, than get serious and be, "nope, I can't do this". When it is relevant, it's like any other aspect of a unique person. If you have any other questions about what it's like dating a blind woman, feel free to PM me.