Dating a borderline personality woman attachment working models and relationship quality in dating couples

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Dating a borderline personality woman

For example, if your loved one controls or manipulates you into handing over your entire paycheck so he can use it to buy a new car, you can say, "I am no longer going to give you money.

You need to earn money so you can buy the things you want." A person with BPD does not have the same understanding about emotions and lacks coping mechanisms to manage them efficiently.

Then be clear about what you will and will not do to protect yourself.

In their minds, their needs and wants surpass the needs and wants of others.They often abuse, control, and manipulate their loved ones, playing on guilt and a sense of obligation to control the people around them.To protect yourself from this behavior, think about what your loved one often asks for, guilts you into, or abuses you until you provide it.Suicide attempts are a common feature of the disorder.Even if you hear it a lot, all threats of suicide need to be taken seriously.

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Learning about BPD and tips for coping with symptoms/behaviors can help you to move toward a happy, functional relationship.