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If you have a rough day, she completely caters to you.Then one time you disagree with her and have a little bit of an argument in which you contradict yourself about something.How stable is she going to be once I move my way up the corporate ladder and we actually win the trip to Hawaii?Do I really want my wife to be topless at the company pool?It's funny, last week I was talking with a friend about this topic. Some modarte craziness should be present, to keep things interesting.And you know Collin, the woman follows your lead, and for sure you can't connect with every single person you meet.

Not only that, but these other girls aren't idiots. It's not like I can pull one over their eyes and convince them that we have chemistry when we don't. If a girl doesn't have at least a little bit of wild/crazy, it just gets boring.You can’t just them — 50% of what you own (and then some) will be in their pocket.Crazy women are irrational, and if you try to divorce them they get even and they’ll take you for everything you’re worth.The crazy girl is like the other side of the spectrum!I was telling my friend that I think what's interesting, from crazy chicks, is the thrill of not being sure what's going to happen next.

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Welcome to your life — the one where you need to choose between being with the sexual dynamo who is a crazy woman, and going out to find one who is just a little more mellow and a little more sane.

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