Dating a felon co worker dating boss

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Dating a felon

My ex-wife and I (we'll call her M) divorced in August of last year after I found out she was having an affair with an old ex-boyfriend.She came up pregnant at the time of the affair with our 4th child.She explained to me that they were just going to slowly get to know each other though church and the girls were only going to be around him during church activities.I wasn't really happy about this but there wasn't much I could do and I was satisfied that he wasn't going to be around the girls. When I saw him this past weekend, he told me there was something he needed to share with me. He spent 10 years in prison for building a pipe bomb when he was in the Air Force. He has been out for seven years and seems to have his shit together.

Some of the things she was telling me just didn't seem to line up.From the sounds of it though, I think he’ll pony up what you need. And once you’ve got the facts, data points and documentation, and they line up with his story about it, you have to decide, can you truly get over it? At this point I did not question her judgment or think that she would lie because I felt she was trying really hard to change.We go through January and I would occasionally ask about it and she would maintain that they were just getting to know each other and they still were not hanging out outside of church.

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I don't want to go too far into it because it's a really long story filled with bullshit but basically I stayed with her through the pregnancy to help out because I just thought it seemed like the right thing to do.