Dating a med student Free 1 800 phonesex trials

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Dating a med student

Entered medical school married, have plenty of classmates with fiances / SOs. Frankly, I would shoot myself in the face if I had to come home every day and talk about medicine.

Do you guys think that it is better to date someone in med school or someone who is not?I appreciate all of your responses and encouragements!It's difficult to talk to my normal friends about this because most people dot understand how different it actually is to date a med student. I'm happy to answer questions about my relationship and you might find exactly the support you're looking for over at /r/Med Spouse (although it is a pretty quiet sub)Thanks everyone!!It honestly helps a lot to hear from both med/non-med students..

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Sadly, it is these horror stories that seem to be more prevalent than the positive stories.

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