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In an interview with National Post, Dion said “Once [her mother] my got over her disappointment that an abortion was out of the question, she loved me as passionately as she’d love the last little ones.” Dion is anti-abortion today because of the experience.

When Justin Bieber’s mother got pregnant, she was encouraged by many to go through with an abortion.

She has said she is against abortion, though she approaches the subject with compassion. “It’s a very sensitive subject, so you want to be sensitive so that in whatever you’re saying you could be really, deeply affecting somebody within listening distance.” Heaton was raised Catholic and is a rare, vocal pro-life advocate in Hollywood.

Hearing that a celebrity is pro-life and vocal probably may sound a bit odd to you.

In an industry that overwhelmingly touts liberal viewpoints, taking a stance that runs contrary to the majority on an issue like abortion is rare.

The legendary actor is unlike many liberals in Tinseltown.

Nicholson, a staunch pro-lifer said in an interview about abortion, “I’m positively against it.

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