Dating a rolex by serial number dope dating

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Dating a rolex by serial number

So in theory, a Rolex serial number can tell you what year (approximately) the watch was made in.

We say in theory, because there have been a few irregularities over the years.

1166 – Submariner 1 – Rotating Bezel 3 – Two Tone Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold LB – Blue Bezel Again, if you have the watch’s official papers, then you can easily find the official Rolex reference (model) number there.

However, if you don’t have access to the papers, then you can find it on the watch.

The date of market introduction may vary however, so expect to add 6 to 18 months. In this article, you’ll find a complete guide to Rolex serial numbers as well as a complete list of Rolex serial numbers with which you can find out the approximate age of your Rolex watch.First thing first, how do you find the Rolex serial number on your watch?Unlike a unique serial number, Rolex reference numbers (also known as model numbers) are shared across watches.Among other things, the first few numbers tell you what particular collection a Rolex watch belongs to.

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Due to this change, it cannot be determined what year a Rolex was made if it was manufactured post-2010.

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