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Cross cultural marriages can have conflicts that have nothing to do with money and social/political power, but they add an additional area for conflict. Will the interaction with her family remain so important now that she has moved to Canada - for how permenantly? I think the answer is more complicated than the first comment suggests.

You say that you are more worried about her family's influential position in El Salvador than the wealth. Good luck, Myoarin My bro-in-law married a beautiful but mentally ill woman in Latin America.

But if one discovers that it isn't adequate to maintain the lifestyle the wife is accustomed to and can easily afford, that can get to a man's self-respect with time.

And with time, the things that bond a marriage change, one of them being the way decisions are made.

Unfortunately, his suspicions were so ingrained that he could not believe that I truly liked him for himself.

We broke up, and several years later I learned that he had married a rich girl.

Well, the marriage lasted about 10 years I guess, a child was born, the bride spent much of her time with her parents and the groom refused to take a job in the old man's employ. I don't how much the parents would interfere because they can do it whether you work for them or not.For the most part, and perhaps not surprisingly, the surveys showed a great deal of consistency between Salvadorans and those in the US regarding the levels of satisfaction people report having with their sex lives, with the frequency of having sex, and other aspects of their intimate relationships.Here are some tidbits: For someone reason El Mundo checked to see if fidelity varies whether you belong to ARENA or the FMLN -- it doesn't.I am just really intimidated by the idea of all that money and the power that her family has, cuz I am a simple guy that makes an average professional salary per year, but she quadruples mine easily. I feel like a homeless guy would feel trying to date the presidents daughter! I once dated a young man who came from a wealthy family.He had been raised to be suspicious of "gold-diggers" who might pretend to like him only because of his money.

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I felt afraid as a woman there more than in any other country in Latin America.

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