Dating a weed dealer ad aware plus not updating

Posted by / 17-Apr-2020 15:27

Dating a weed dealer

First thing’s first: we discovered that — when it comes to dating — people are okay with their partners smoking weed…if they’re not currently using it.

So if finishing is a priority, inhaling might be too.The author is a freelance journalist in Los Angeles who has written for Vanity Fair, Mashable and Variety. A Affairs chronicles the dating scene in and around Los Angeles. LOVE STORIES…This is how I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me I knew she was the one when we began arguing -- over the election I’m a senior citizen.If you have comments, or a true story to tell, email us at [email protected] One night, he attempted to cook me stuffed squash blossoms and left my tiny kitchen an oil-splattered mess. One night he came home later than he had said he would, and I was rightfully worried.He explained that he had to take the bus because his car was confiscated. He told me that there had been ,000 worth of marijuana in the trunk and a rival “retail” business stole it and the car. Why wasn’t he calling the police about his mother’s stolen Mercedes? Why was he lighting up a joint at a time like this? After putting the pieces together and demanding some answers, I realized that his “retail business” was in fact a brick-and-mortar dispensary planned for West Hollywood.

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In fact, if you think an intervention would ever happen over a blog post, you’re probably high right now. And as weed is becoming decriminalized and de-stigmatized, we wanted to see how serious of a deal breaker it actually is.