Dating a workaholic forums

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Dating a workaholic forums

I guess I am wondering if anyone here is in a similar situation? He is respectful, kind, cares and loves me very much. I have no issues with this and was actually concerned that he might be uneasy about the reaction of others. He has never been married and has no kids.** Like a lot of extremely successful and affluent men, the reason he has not yet married is because he is quite the workaholic.

Unlike other sites like, I was sent 8 "matches".His only answer was that I should "relax some of the criteria which you are willing to compromise on." They refuse to refund any part of the is lost. The pictures never matched the profiles even which was what I asked about."According to our Terms and Conditions, you only have 3 days to benefit from your right of withdrawal." There is NO PHONE NUMBER...1 email address with a robot programmed to say NO... Then they gave me some story about my profile stating I wasn't looking for a full time girlfriend or something like that.It's as if I paid my money into some basement business with a website. I've been on the site a week and could pretty much write the exact same review already.On trying to get a response to my inquires on all this, there was a boilerplate email which did not answer any of my questions. 8 matches, only 1 new match and hardly any within my 50 mile radius.

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I let him know early on because of my faith I will not be intimate until marriage (I was honest with him and admitted I am not a virgin but changed my position on premartial sex when I became religious a few years ago.) Anyway, this isn’t the problem. I know it shouldn’t bother me because we love eachother and thats all that matters, but it does. I look very young, however (good for my career but not really for this situation) and it is quite embarrassing when I get ID'd if we attend a wine gallery---as you can image--for both of us. Love does conquer a lot but I would never want to put my future kids in an awkard situation if people keep confusing us as daughter/father instead of a couple.

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