Dating after alcoholism

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Throughout our relationship, I don’t believe he ever stopped drinking.He just got better at hiding it — until he slipped.As our relationship progressed, people around us felt more comfortable asking me why his eyes always seemed glazed over, and why he often told the same story twice. How did he break his ankle just by walking down the stairs?When I would repeat those questions to him, he’d shrug his shoulders and say, “That’s just the way I am.”One night, while we were watching a movie in his bed, I found an empty pint-sized bottle of vodka in with his sheets.We tried therapy, as a couple and individually, but he gave that up after a few times, too.During the last few months we were together, everyone who came into contact with him would tell me he was drinking again — even his hairdresser. We lived together, and I could never find a trace in our home. A few days later, he called me in a belligerent state and picked a nearly incoherent fight.

I bought alcohol-free mouthwash, and stopped cooking with vodka sauce or wine. until the next morning, just as he had before I was aware of his drinking.Even then, as I confronted him with what I had seen with my own eyes, he did nothing but deny, deny, deny. So he agreed to try Alcoholics Anonymous, but after trying a few meetings, he claimed AA wasn’t for him.He said the religion aspect turned him off, and he insisted he could kick the habit on his own.By the time I got home, he was in his usual spot on the couch, out cold.I quickly grabbed his keys and sprinted to the parking lot.

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Compared to my ex-boyfriend before him — who repeatedly cheated on me — Jake was perfect.

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