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'We are dealing with lonely men and poor women, why kick them when they are down,' he says.

'Who's to judge if it's good or bad.' Ketz says that the plight of Thai Women in his film resonate with his experience in making a film about African migrants to Europe who he did not see themselves as a victims but rather 'people who take a very active decision about their own lives.' He goes on to point out that his film has all the hallmarks of a Danish fairytale: 'a fairy tale is the perfect narrative for these talesyou have a hero who is going to make a journey, who needs to become himself, find his own sexuality.

Of course, there are already a large variety of foreign men available right here in Denmark.

Many are tall, dark, and handsome, many are Muslim, and many are lovely people – one of my closest friends in Denmark now has a Pakistani boyfriend who treats her like a queen.

Ketz's film offers a moving insight into the relationships between Thai brides and their Danish husbands in Denmark.

Sometimes Danish women capture these men alive and bring them back to Denmark, where the government punishes them by making them sit through infinite Danish courses and refusing to allow the couple to live in sublet apartments.

I suspect that the new restrictions on marriage to foreigners are just Danish People’s party founder Pia Kiersgaard’s sour grapes about ending up with a Danish husband.

Foreign men play a curious role in the world of Danish romance, since they can sometimes make a Danish woman realize exactly what she is missing: those longing looks, those sweet words, that masculine worship that makes her feel so wonderfully female. Take a deep breath, everybody, but in the world outside of Denmark, florists are not just for buying a centerpiece for Aunt Bente’s Sunday lunch.

A man in Madrid once told me that Danish girls on vacation were easy. They are for sending roses to your wife or girlfriend, and in France, to your mistress too.

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