Dating arcady 34

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Dating arcady 34

When Joan accuses him of stealing, he remarks "Well, technically everything's mine".

Christopher Marquette also stars as Adam Rove, a close friend of Joan's who has an on-and-off romantic relationship with her.

To fit the lyrics of the song, Joan first meets God as a teenage boy riding to school on the bus with her (although they don't actually speak to each other at the time).

Scenes of Arcadia's skyline and other outdoor scenes were actually the city of Wilmington, Delaware. Joan's high school is El Segundo High School, California.

In his anger, the boy threatens the chief of police (Joan's father) with a handgun, and he is then arrested.

Joan later finds out from God that, while this turn of events seems rather bleak, it was the lesser of two evils—without Joan's actions, he would have shot over a dozen students and teachers with a handgun, before turning the gun on himself.

Joan is asked by God to perform tasks that often appear to be trivial or contrary, but always end up positively improving a larger situation.

God quotes Bob Dylan, Emily Dickinson and the Beatles rather than any scripture or verses.

Furthermore, God is portrayed with a very human personality.

Also, Joan catches the interest of a class charmer and a newspaper job falls right into Kevin's lap.

Joan gets a lesson in popularity when God tells her to try out for the cheerleading squad, and her efforts to impress two pom-pom girls pay off with an invite to hang out together outside of school. Toni Williams involves an abandoned newborn left in a trash bin, presumably by a student from Arcadia High.

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The title alludes to Joan of Arc and the show takes place in the fictional city of Arcadia, Maryland.

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