Dating bald women

Posted by / 09-Oct-2020 13:36

I could crumble and never leave the house, become invisible and a mere shadow of who I once was.

My only other choice was to saddle up and see where this lead, after all it was who I was now and not a lot was going to change that!

I was someone real and tangible they could relate to, someone who understands them.

So this had me thinking, does the root really lie with my own projection or thoughts around how I feel about myself?

The image I had known as “me” for as long as I can remember was gone and something very different, something very confronting stared back at me.

When I went out to bars and clubs, men and women stared at me, in fact whenever I left the house people stared at me.

I represented a light of hope, someone real and flawed but standing proud nonetheless.Yes it sparked lots of questions but it also took a very interesting turn and taught me a very deep lesson or two, self-love and self-expression.Even though I knew these things already, to really live true to them was a very different matter.How society and beliefs have formed what I see as beautiful, absolutely!Are women more judgmental of each other, resulting in us being extremely harsh on ourselves?

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