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Below is a breakdown of the most-known and visited neighborhoods within Berlin: Mitte – This is the center of Berlin, and contains the majority of the most well-known attractions.Mitte has a large selection of cafes, restaurants and bars which can keep one busy during the duration of their stay.

This is the most central neighborhood, meaning also the most expensive, but will give you quick and easy access to the neighborhoods below.In writing this Berlin city guide, it is important to emphasize that Berlin is quite spread-out with many neighborhoods inside, including completely different vibes in each of the different areas.Mitte is considered the more up-scale location, whereas if you go slightly further you’ll find yourself in a hipster’s paradise once you enter Friedrichshain.Different from Frankfurt, Munich, and other large cities in Germany, Berlin offers it’s own unique style which cannot be found anywhere else within the country.Overall, the city of Berlin feels to not even be a part of Germany, rather part of a parallel universe at times.

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It is highly recommended to avoid the winter season, as it’s extremely cold with a depressing vibe.