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Dating bitterness anger

A person, man or woman who is angry and bitter can't resist making sarcastic digs at the perceived flaws they find in th opposite sex.And these people tend to be kind of guarded with their resources.She may be emotionally stressed, where she becomes moody and upset for no reason.She may be physically stressed, where her body gives out consistently and gets sick.It's only time that can heal the bitterness - but sadly I see too many people that hold their bitterness and anger so close for so long that they are unable to believe in love again.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!

This is just one of the sites out there like this, but all it does (besides provide entertainment for non-bitter people) is perpetuate the anger over and over again in the bitter person’s mind.

I don't think one can rush the recovery from this relationship, So, bitterness needs other emotions to equal it out.

Trust, friendship and a belief that love can happen again.

Add Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social outlets people have to complain and moan about their ex, and it is much easier to stay mad than it is to overcome the breakup.

If she comes into the relationship bitter, then she is going to place labels on you unfairly.

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Do you really want to date a woman who has a lot of focus on her ex still? She will still be the same woman her ex broke up with.

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