Dating busy schedule

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If there are a lot of things that you missed doing while work was keeping you busy, try and see if you can include her in the plan – beats doing it by your lonesome!Not only do you get to enjoy both your favourite activities, you also get to see what common interests you share and how well you fit into each other’s lives – especially useful if you’re hoping it might lead to a relationship.

Not only does nothing beat the human touch ;) – but texting back and forth can actually take up way more time than meeting someone for coffee and having a quick exchange! If that’s all you have to find a girl, try speed dating.And if it’s an event catered specifically for busy professionals, perfect – she will also understand what it’s like to try to date on a crazy hectic schedule!Once you have the deal in your hands, how do you secure it?For sure, you’re passionate about what you do, and you should definitely share about it – it’s a good feature to have – just don’t let it take centrestage.Always keep in mind to ask her about her interests and her thoughts, and let the conversation drift deeper into meaningful and heartfelt topics, instead of just work.

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But it doesn’t have to be Saturday night between 7-9pm.

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