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There were 3 payments options: I went for the 6 month membership.

There didn't seem to be any way to upgrade to a higher level of membership which was great, as it placed everybody on a level playing field.

They ask how important your partner's age is, your marital status, my education and my profession.

They then asked a long serious of questions regarding the extent to which certain statements apply to myself, e.g.: And then to choose which of a list of terms apply to myself, e.g.: Good looking, healthy, sexy, introverted, affectionate, curious, intelligent, irritable, restless, competitive and serious.

If you're travelling you might want to sample a bit more than just the standard tourist sites - most travel experts say that meeting the locals is key to having an authentic experience.

So, if you're travelling South Africa which of the dating sites is best.

And then to pick 4 similar terms that you imagine others would describe you as being (an interesting angle on the previous question).

List emotions which I've recently felt, factors which are important to me in a relationship and things which I'm most grateful for in my life.

Whilst they did not have a lot of matches, those that there were were more relevant than those on other sites and I got a high percentage of replies.

There's no nice way to exclude those you're not interested in from constantly appearing in the search results (e.g.

Online Now); the only way I found was to block them.

I'm not sure why, but I've noticed that when boosting I do get matches, but there is a high proportion of scammers.

Scams A stunning gal matched up with me, saying she wanted to hookup; she started asking for revealing photos.

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Tinder has a range of ages, although much more focused on younger ages than the other platforms, covers the full spectrum of races, and has the biggest audience.

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