Dating cast iron cornbread stick pans dating the right sign

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Dating cast iron cornbread stick pans

So while cast iron is cast iron there is a difference in the quality of the machine work.All Lodge pans come pre-seasoned with a soy based vegetable oil now.Like their skillets, these pans did not have the manufacturer name, only a size number and mold identifier.Fortunately, as with their skillets, BS&R cornstick pans have a unique handle design that make them easy to spot.Southern cooks use cast iron skillets for all manner of fried dishes as well as quick breads.

These pans have a very rough surface in comparison to quality vintage pans.

) Several of these items were unique and became very popular, to the point where other companies produced their own imitations.

Sadly, Atlanta Stove Works has been largely forgotten in the years since the company folded.

No doubt many cooks are quite happy with their Lodge pans as I was for years.

But I think most of them haven’t seen or cooked with either a Wagner or Griswold vintage pan.

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But its cast iron legacy continues to live in on many products seen today, including the popular corn bread pans seen around the world.