Dating danelectro guitars Asian cam family

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Dating danelectro guitars

Turns out Danelectro, like every other musical instrument company, got caught up in the corporate feeding frenzy of the 1960s. No, on second thought, this had the air of a mystery wrapped in an enigma with a generous dash of authenticity. And so it came my way and all I had to do was put the links back together again.I have emailed to the manufacture company but I haven't got any answer. Thank you in advance Dioni i've read numerous user reviews and although these new amps have some issues, it seems the 50 is more reliable overall than the 30... I have mini pedals I can run my newer Convertible thru... now, several hours later, i've found out what my guitar is, through a (VERY) obscure reference.I have mini pedals I can run my newer Convertible thru... and I'm sure it's purely an aesthetic thing (that, and the TONE, and value for money, is why we love our Danos, right? I can get a new one, ostensibly with customer support and warranty, for 0 US, or take my chances on e Bay for around -... i'm shocked at how little info there is on this subject..anyway, it is a model 4021 (often confused with the 3021 Standard Jimmy Page model) but due to all the research, now i have a few good links for info,(including the explanation of how the 30 are different) if anyone wants them.He and his then girlfriend Carly Simon came up with this idea for a plexiglass “see-through” guitar which would be sold through another area amplifier company, Ampeg in 1969.Armstrong was hired to personally inspect every guitar before it left the plant, but, reportedly, Armstrong was, shall we say, not very interested in showing up for a regular day job shift.Basically everything on these guitars is vintage Dano except for the pickups. Unfortunately, a Dano really needs cheapo lipstick-tube single-coils to sound right.These high-tech units kind of leave the guitar with no soul.

I have been a collector of Danelectro products since 1981 and co-authored the ONLY book ever written on the legend of Danelectro , and also author of numerous related articles & features. i got about 600 dollars (perhaps more) to waste away. i looked and tried to find out what the exact model was, but nothing matched it exactly.Ampeg had trouble meeting demand for the plexiglass guitars and basses. In any case, a part of the Ampeg design was a series of interchangeable pickups that slid into a slot on the front.These were cast in epoxy to help cut back on feedback. Some sources say that Armstrong purchased a bunch of leftover parts from the closed Danelectro factory and assembled between 650-700 guitars outfitted with his epoxy-potted pickups.Somehow, this all ties up with the fact that Unimusic, Ampeg’s parent company, ran into financial troubles about this time. Had Ampeg purchased those Danelectro parts to use the bridges and save money?Did Armstrong get the parts to make these guitars as part of the pay Ampeg couldn’t give him? All this came tumbling down in 1971 when the Ampeg see-throughs bit the dust. Ampeg was sold to the consumer electronics giant Magnavox that year.

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A number of large corporations, many with experience on the periphery of the entertainment business, started seeing dollar signs and began acquiring guitar companies. Norlin, whose interests including breweries (I guess that’s entertainment! Baldwin Pianos and Organs bought first Burns of London and then Gretsch. Danelectro was purchased by MCA, the company that owned Decca Records and Universal Pictures, among other properties.