Dating dicaprio leonardo lindsay lohan fergie is dating

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Dating dicaprio leonardo lindsay lohan

At least, that's what its original concept was, before it became clear that this was more like a documentation of Oprah's growing frustration with the getting its hands on the handwritten list.

At least according to Lohan, who confirmed that she did in fact list all of the men she'd been with during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live to promote Lindsay.

And so that's a really personal thing and it's really unfortunate," she said, "I talk about it on the last episode on the OWN show, so to be continued."Tackling the scandal head-on and shamelessly plugging her show?! After the leak, some of the famous men listed denied it, some copped to it and some flat-out ignored it.

But, being the human garbage disposals we are when it comes to all things celebrities and pop culture, we could never forget it, so we decided to check in on Lohan's list, five years later.(And no offense to some of other men on the list, including some former athletes and artists, but we kept it to just the bigger names.

In July 2014, he married Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo, and the couple have two children together: Dusty Rose, 2, and Gio Grace, 1. Arguably the biggest names on the list, Timberlake nor Biel have never addressed his inclusion/Lohan's tweets.

Life Post-List: Timberlake and Biel married in a romantic ceremony in southern Italy, one year before the leaked list.

After a short break, Bloom got down on one knee with a million engagement ring, officially giving new meaning to the term "bling ring." After first striking up a friendship in 2011, Tortorella, who had been dating pilates instructor Bethany Meyers on-and-off since 2006, popping up on Lohan's list wasn't too much of a surprise, seeing as how he fake proposed to her in 2013."You know, I'm going to get serious for a second," the actress told Andy Cohen when he playfully brought up the list."That was actually my fifth step in AA at Betty Ford.And someone, when I was moving during the OWN show, must have taken a photo of it."I think it's important to remember that you go into something like marriage knowing that you don't know very much about it at all," Timberlake he said in 2012 after getting hitched."But I do look at the marriage of my mother and stepdad, and what makes it work for them is that it's a team effort."And in April 2015, welcomed son Silas.

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Like Franco, the Maroon 5 frontman actually spoke out publicly about the list, denying it during a chat with Howard Stern.

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