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The questions here can look something like this: What makes you you? Describe your perfect relationship (both platonic and romantic). Side note: You should be ready to share similar experiences when she asks „how about you? Everyone has spiritual needs, but not everyone knows what they are or knows how to properly articulate them. This is a dimension where a person feels a connection with something bigger than herself.

So in this dimension, you explore the topics like the meaning of life or meaning of life for that exact person, their relationship with a Higher Being, Force, Spirit or any variations of a God, but also more pragmatic things like their personal values in life.

That, in turn, creates an emotional connection, something that we value way more than the logical connection with a person.

To prove this the easiest way possible is to remember what out friends first ask us after a date „How was it“ and you reply with a feeling (good, great, bad, horrible, amazing etc.) – a representative of the emotional connection with the other person.

The questions in the physical dimension look something like this: Did you do any sports and why/why not?But the place where you are vulnerable is the place where you actually form a connection.Because you tap in those emotions and feel what the other person is feeling. You are sitting on a date with a beautiful woman, the dinner comes to the table, wine is poured in and you look at her- all beautiful, sitting there with a smile on her face and you just go wow!But soon enough, you realize that you actually need to say something to her.

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You want to talk with the other person in this dimension, but you can’t jump right into it.