Dating divas roadtrip

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Dating divas roadtrip

It’s a good idea for adults or leaders to be familiar with plant identification. Send them out with a list to take photos of: cumulus cloud, live bug, live butterfly, bird on a rock, tree leaf, granite rock, flower bud, trail marker, etc.

This should keep them busy because they will need to practice patience and quiet observance of their surroundings.

Don’t forget a pen so players can sign the logbook so they can prove they found it.

Remember, when caching, ‘take something, leave something’ to continue the fun for other geocachers.

So, pack up the RV or Camper Van, drive to your nearest campground, set up your site and let the fun begin!!When other kids see them, they’ll be envious of the cool camping experiences and quite possibly, will want to go camping with your family next time.This is another one of those camping activities that the littles can team up with the big guys.This camping activity is especially fun for the newer bunch; even young adults.Prior to leaving for your camping trip, create a cool paper check-off list of nature items for them to take photos of (close up photos of insects, frog or toad, leaf veins or tree bark, mountain view, animal and far away landscapes.).

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They can decorate pinecones with wiggly eyes and feathers, paint rocks, leaf and flower pressing, leaf rubbings with crayons, make birdhouses out of sticks and moss, etc. One of my Nature Craft Camping Activities that I enjoyed when I was a young Girl Scout was making bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed.