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Like the JTM45s, the early 100 watt amps ran the KT66s inefficiently by using a high load.

And the choke appears to still be the Radiospares 20H.

This version used the Drake 1204-43 power transformer (3 stack) instead of the Radiospares transformer.

These amps run very higher voltages, something that is hard on the tubes.

The early ones had ohms switches mounted to the transformers, whereas the later ones had ohms switches on the backplates like later amps had.

The transformer was the same Drake 784-103 used in the 1965-66 JTM45s, although two transformers was used for a quad of KT66s.

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The choke (inductor) on these early amps appears to have been the Radiospares 20 henry choke often seen on the early Marshall schematics.

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