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Anthony Eden’s papers (FO 954) are available online.These are the private office papers of mostly 20th century politicians, diplomats and officials surrendered to government on retirement.For detailed advice on how to search for general correspondence from different periods see the following guides: Consulting confidential print is a good way to gain a summary overview of Foreign Office political correspondence before accessing the extensive, more detailed holdings in the main general correspondence series referred to in section 5.From the late 1820s, correspondence of particular significance began to be printed in several copies and distributed to officials in the Foreign Office, to the Cabinet, to other departments and to British missions abroad. By 1906 nearly every important despatch or telegram was printed routinely but the practice of confidential prints died out in the 1970s with the arrival of photocopying.Search for private office papers by author surname using the search engines in the FO 800 and FO 794 series descriptions.

Foreign Office records are held in record department FO and Foreign and Commonwealth Office records in FCO.

The guide provides advice on the different ways in which you will need to use our own catalogue as well as the indexes and registers created by the Foreign Office itself to find individual records.

There is also advice on how to find treaties dating back to 1695 and now held among Foreign Office records.

From 1968, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office assumed these roles, in addition to administering the remaining British dependencies and managing relations with the Commonwealth (previously the responsibility of the Commonwealth Office).

For further details, see the administrative histories in Discovery, our FO and FCO.

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You can also find private papers held in archives elsewhere using our catalogue.

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