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Dating game show 1990s

Early attempts were made at high-tech gimmicks, such as the Telebow in The Golden Shot - a show that reached popularity when it was moved into the traditional graveyard slot of Sunday afternoons.From the late 60s to early 70s, Hughie Green's long-running talent show Opportunity Knocks finally began to hit the ratings top 20, thanks to some long run commissions.Hosted by Freddie Grisewood, the panel of guests were asked to spell a series of words. The host was bedecked in schoolmaster garb as a way of adding kudos to what was otherwise a light-hearted quiz - a technique that countless other shows would use throughout the century.It was not until the late 80s that children were treated as young people rather than schoolkids.Many of these shows were imported from the USA, a trend which only slowed down in the 1970s.

In fact, the only reason these two shows ever ended was due to Associated Rediffusion losing their regional licence in a local franchise reorganisation ordered by the government.

Game show fever reached its height in the autumn of 1958, when the ITV network was putting a quiz out in prime time six nights a week (from Sunday to Friday: Dotto, Keep It in the Family, Twenty-One, Spot the Tune, Double Your Money and Take Your Pick).

The long list of hit shows during this decade included Criss Cross Quiz, Dotto, the The 64,000 Dollar Question, Concentration and Twenty-One.

Television closed down during the Second World War, and even when the service returned most of the programmes shown throughout the rest of the 1940s were largely forgettable.

The first game show whose name still means anything to anyone is What's My Line? It was another simple panel game, nevertheless it ran in numerous different versions on two different channels through to the mid 90s.

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The turbulent political situation in the late 1970s, with strikes rife and the economy in freefall, gave Ted Rogers plenty of ammunition for his routines on 3-2-1.

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