Dating gay handicaped persons

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Dating gay handicaped persons

While we first connected over politics, we also have a deep love of baseball, the same tastes in food and tv shows.

Tom Banks is 23, gay, disabled and searching for love.

College offered a supportive environment to fully embrace my gay identity.

Coming out, which always had been this big scary thought lingering in the back of my mind was easier knowing that I had a community that accepted me.

Tom Banks likes to tell people cerebral palsy is ‘a disability which only rare, exciting, intelligent and amazing people are born with’.

So it’s not surprising that he has cerebral palsy himself. He says people often don’t think or realise that someone with a disability might be gay.

I came from a small high school that had few other students with visible disabilities in my class, and only one out gay student, to a university (University of California, Berkeley) of 30,000 students, many of whom were LGBT, disabled or some combination of the two.I knew nothing different and it never bothered me, though that level of familiarity led them to believe they knew everything about me, as if I had no secrets.When I hinted during senior year of high school that I have been hiding something important, my mother couldn’t imagine, given that we were so close. My sexuality also always has been a part of me, though for eighteen years, bottled up for no one else to see.Growing up, I needed the help of parents transferring me in and out of our inaccessible shower and other activities of daily living, some of the most private moments of my day.

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