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In cyberspace, thousands of millennial fingers click over to buy her line of lingerie at Savagex When Rihanna’s lingerie line dropped in 2018, her savages, as she calls her fans, rushed the internet to buy her sultry, affordable pieces in bulk.

Acne Studios designed a new line dedicated to granny panties.By the ’90s, the thong dominated the culture wars, and the granny panty, as it was starting to be called, was officially reserved for seniors and the hopelessly unstylish.The power of the thong disintegrated with the invention of the seamless brief.A sociocultural examination of the renewed interest in the granny panty begins in 2014, when granny panties make a grab for the throne.It was during a time when millennials were beginning to grasp how dark a hand they had been dealt, just as the economy was recovering but the recession’s long-term effects were coming into focus.

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Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen were spotted in the style. Designers, manufacturers and stylists gambled, taking a garment that hadn’t been fashionable for more than half a century, that was associated with the elderly, the unappealing, and the menstruating, and made it a fashion staple. “The big surprise is young women moving to full-coverage panties and migrating away from the thong,” Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at NPD Group, said in 2015.

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