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You can use these relationship and dating statistics guide your dating behaviors and understand the trends in modern romance. These dating statistics tell us what women are looking for and what they’re attracted to, helping you know what to work on and how to make the best impression.

Just as important as knowing what women like is knowing the turn offs for women that you want to avoid.

There’s nothing really there to dive me toward excitement, and it’s that palpable lack compounded over 11 years of dating that leaves me feeling so empty.With dating statistics taken from a huge variety of surveys and scientific studies, we can approach the question of how to get a girlfriend by understanding how the world of dating works in real life.These dating statistics reveal a lot about dating behaviors and preferences, and can help you figure out the things women find attractive by understanding women and what they’ve already told us they’re looking for.I have to be honest and say it isn’t scary, it’s a relief.The absence of the inherent negativity involved in modern dating has left me feeling fucking fantastic.

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These dating statistics focus mostly on attitudes and characteristics, meaning if some items of these describe you, you still have the ability to make them better.