Dating in mozambique

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Dating in mozambique

For example, missing work to attend a funeral is quite common.In Mozambican culture, a deceased person’s relatives (close and distant) and friends and friends of relatives will be expected to attend a funeral and to attend religious ceremonies at various times after the death and, thus, a staff person may miss repeated days of work. African fashion is becoming more and more popular and you will see Mozambican women paying large sums for West African style cloth or outfits.The same thing usually happens between an older and younger person, or with a man talking to a woman (the woman keeps her gaze down).From time to time, the person who is averting their gaze may sneak a quick glance at the other.It is important to be well washed and to wear washed and ironed clothes. While everyone is expected to arrive at work on time, people do arrive late to meetings.Mozambicans generally are also absent from work more than Canadians, usually because of higher rates of illness and because of family responsibilities.Men usually wear pants and a shirt, in very formal settings they would wear a tie.Men never go without a shirt in public and find that Canadians who do this are in bad taste e.g.

Mozambicans have a great sense of humour and enjoy sharing anecdotes and funny stories. When Mozambicans meet, they kiss each other on the left and then right cheek.

When meeting someone for the first time, it would be appropriate to greet and ask, "How are you? Women, when meeting other women, will give one kiss on each cheek.

This is also sometimes true for women when meeting a man in a casual setting.

With colleagues, it’s better not to touch while speaking. Canadians will note that Mozambican men touch each other while talking more than their Canadian counterparts and it is not uncommon to see men holding hands.

Women should note that it is not common for men and women to touch each other unless they are intimately involved and, therefore, if a man touches a woman there is likely an assumption of intimacy.

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Greeting and saying good-bye are done with a kiss on the left and then the right cheek among women and between women and men.

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