Dating in orange county

Posted by / 16-Feb-2020 11:20

This group is open to all single people, dating people (see note below), and happy dogs of such people. This group is not for people in committed relationships or married people.

Hell, I was never a swinging man, and I dated women that belonged to more than half of this list. And, yes, gals: we'll have a “Ten OC Guys You've Probably Dated” posthaste.

Many wonderful friendships have grown over time among our members.

HIKING, walking, biking, snow sports, all sorts of things :-) !! We are a four-season group focusing on outdoor events in a relaxed setting, a group that is welcoming and warm.

She's smart, funny, creative, wonderful, gorgeous, liberal—and she's trying her damndest to get the hell out of the hellhole in which she grew up, whether that means going to college out of state or moving to Long Beach/San Francisco/Austin/NYC/Anywhere Not Named Orange County, California.

This brain drain has afflicted us for nearly 50 years, and you won't see her again until she's firmly settled somewhere better, doing amazing things, having the time of her life and wondering how pathetic you could be to decide to stay in OC.

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